East leader Rairyu by Dragonman32 (Large)

A Vosk Warrior

Description – The vosk are a race of people created by BioTech and Gene Metrics (BTGM) using human and reptile DNA.

Biology – There are two subspecies of vosk: cold-blooded and warm-blooded; and they are very similar in most respects. Males stand an average of 2 meters, females 1.9 meters. Adult males can weigh between 90-135 kg and females from 80-110 kg. They reach fertility at about 11-13 years and the current life expectancy is 30 years for the males and 35 years for the females. A mated pair will usually produce 1-3 offspring throughout their lives. This consists of 1 egg per pregnancy. Gestation is 2 months, incubation is 8 more months. They are usually socially independent and prefer to lead solitary lives. They are not anti-social, just independent; grouping together more out of necessity than preference. vosk have human like communication abilities and seem to like to develop words using guttural growls and rumblings as well as occasional hiss' to communicate. They are bipedal and are in fact very human like in stature. The head of a warm-blooded vosk is not as pronounced as a common snake or lizard but the features are uncanny. Conversely, the cold-blooded vosk have a protruding snout and sharper, more distinct brow and ridges. The majority of vosk have a chameleon like abilities, which allows them to blend in with their environment to a degree. The coloring or markings of both sub-species are similar though the cold-blooded vosk tend to range in color from greens and blues, while the warm-blooded vosk tend reside on the opposite end of the spectrum with yellows, orange and with some rarity, red. This is generally a rule of thumb as both species can have combinations of all these colors.

Where they really differ is that by the nature of cold-blooded species, they tend to hibernate in colder climates and are more active in warmer climates. The warm-blooded vosk are active throughout the seasons.

Form of Government – Oligarchy (a form of government where power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society distinguished by royal, wealth, family, military or religious hegemony. Such states are often controlled by politically powerful families whose children are heavily conditioned and mentored to be heirs of the power of the oligarchy.)

Small Group Dynamic – Clan

Roles – Vosk society relies heavily on a strict caste system (see below) where the people are divided into distinct statuses in society based on birthright. Very rarely can one person change their status. Their lineage may change but only over many generations, and this is rare.

Philosophy – [Information Needed]

Way of Life – [Information Needed]

The Vosk Castes

Elders (Gold) – Government leaders, politicians, church leaders (this is the only caste that can be ascended into. The members must be above a certain age and be at the top of their existing caste. They are still members of their originating caste but elders can claim both castes and are afforded the privileges of both. Slaves, peasants and laborers cannot ascend into this caste and Artisans and Merchants must be among the most elite in their castes; most never make it.

Scholars (Silver or Blue) – Scientists, engineers, university professors, researchers, physicians, architects, scribes, inventors, theologians, other teachers

Warriors (Red) – Soldiers, tacticians, military (this caste has recently dropped below scholars as education and technology has become more advanced and respected.)

Merchants (Orange) – Merchants, shop owners, tradesmen

Artisans (Green) – Clothing makers, chefs, winemakers, goods production, farmers, hunters, artists

Laborers (Black) – Refers to all lower or untalented/unskilled professions like construction hands, woodcutters, miners, ditch diggers

Peasants (Brown or None) – Non-working burdens on society

Slaves (Yellow or None) – Indentured servants, forced laborers 

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