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The Orphans of Man takes place in the far future when mankind has expanded far out into the stars and occupies hundreds of worlds. It also begins shortly before “The One War” that causes the human’s empire to fall. This is a story about coming home. These people, these "orphans of man", their societies grow independently of one another where they develop a relationship with their gods as they look for answers as to why they are here. These beliefs persevere after being tested when they discover one another and they take those beliefs with them as they venture out into space only to discover that they were not created by gods at all. Rather they were created by Man - a race of beings much like them. Again, their faiths are shattered but still they continue on; looking for Man and the reason they were created. They may have been created by Man but that doesn't mean that faith and god are lost. It is just another layer of life and understanding. Test.  

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