A Female Rhok Adventurer

Description – The rhok are a race of people created by BioTech and Gene Metrics (BTGM) using human and avian DNA.

Biology – The rhoks are a human-bird hybrid.Males stand an average of 1.7m, females 1.8m. Adult males can weigh between 35-45 kg, and females from 35-55 kg. They are bipedal and have a wingspan of about 1.5-2m. They have limited flight capability, as they lack the strength to pick themselves off the ground but can glide long distances in 1G. They have two long fingers with an extra knuckle in each and one thumb. They reach fertility at about 9 to 11 years and the current life expectancy is 25 years for the males and 30 years for the females. A mated pair will usually produce two sets of offspring throughout their lives. This consists of 1-4 eggs per pregnancy. Gestation is 4 months internally and incubation can vary from 1 to 2 months. They tend to have a strong family ethic where they keep their immediate family very close while keeping the rest of the community at arm’s length. The rhoks have remarkable communication abilities. They can mimic voices much like the Terran parrot or the Mussivian walher. This in combination with the clicks they produce with their beaks, tongues and throats can give them a wide range of language. They are feathered and their plumage covers a huge spectrum of colors with the males being somewhat more colorful than the females, a common trait among birds Federation wide.

Form of Government – The current rhok form of government is a Republic where elected officials act on behalf of the people under a constitution.

Small Group Dynamic – Despite the society's larger government, the smaller groups tend to follow more tribal traditions, where the elders are the decision makers. Gender has little effect while age plays a huge role. This tends to affect the larger government in that the influence of the tribal elders on the tribe members which influences the voting practices of all tribe members.

Roles – Generally, equality rules and people are valued based on their skills rather than gender, birthright or status.

Philosophy – The rhok look for beauty in all things and it is reflected in their work. Form is just as important as function, and as such, ornate carvings can be found in everything from their architecture to the tools they use to create it. The are artistic and philosophical. Arguments often turn veer away from the original discussion and turn into reflections on life and how to approach it.

Way of Life – The rhok tend to work short hours and focus on education and artistic interests. They are focused on family and community, tending to pursue interests that don't require traveling far from home.

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