West leader Baihu by Dragonman32

A Rao Warrior

Description – The rao are a race of people created by BioTech and Gene Metrics (BTGM) using human and feline DNA.

Biology – The rao are a combination of feline and human genes. Males stand an average of 1.7m females 1.5m. Adult males can weigh between 50-70kg and females from 36-55kg. They are bipedal and have a have four fingers with retractable claws and an opposable thumb on each hand. Their heads are very similar to that of a common house cat – ears mounted near the top, slightly protruding snout with whiskers, slit pupils, fangs and so on. They are extremely strong and agile despite their size and have marvelous climbing ability and nocturnal vision. They reach fertility at about 8 to 12 years and the current life expectancy is 27 years for the males and 33 years for the females. A mated pair will usually produce two sets of offspring throughout their lives. This consists of 1-6 cubs per pregnancy. Gestation is 8 months. Of the three species, the Rao are the most community oriented. They maintain close ties with extended family and group together in prides. There are usually about 3-5 males in the dominating roles and 7-10 females in the matriarchal roles. The whole pride share in the child rearing responsibilities when caring for their young. Rao have average communication abilities. They can form words in much the same way a human does. And, yes, like a normal cat, they purr. They are covered with fur that ranges from white, black, all shades of brown, orange and so on. Patterns are similarly familiar-stripes, spots, calico, solid etc.

Form of Government – Patriarchy (can be traditionally defined as the structuring of society on the basis of family units, where the father or man has the primary authority and responsibility and decision making powers over the rest of the family members.)

Small Group Dynamics – Pride. A pride consists of one alpha male who will take a primary mate and anywhere from one to three lesser mates. There can also be two lieutenants who are not alpha males but will serve the alpha. Often times, the alpha male’s immediate offspring will take on these roles as they are being groomed to take over for him when his time comes. This group will manage the duties of the rest of the pride.

Roles – Males take on the leadership roles of issuing pride responsibilities among its members and solving grievances while the females provide hunting and production of goods.

Philosophy – The rao people are curious and social by nature. This basic disposition is reflected in the way they interact with their family, their environment and civilization. They are spiritual and passionate explorers who love to share their experiences with one another and they also enjoy relaxing and enjoying the basics that life has to offer. They don’t take things as seriously as perhaps they should as they are prone to procrastination but they seem to make it all work. They tend to share the responsibilities of child rearing and education as well as justice and punishment. Due to their tight social slant, there is very little dishonesty among Rao as their constant exposure to one another leaves little room for secrets.

Way of Life – The rao family unit, on the smallest scale, will consist of a mated pair who will raise their offspring together to and through adulthood usually until the child finds a mate of his or her own and sometimes will not leave the family home even then. Very rarely will a Rao live alone. They are extremely social and bond strongly to family and friends going so far as to abhor solitude. Each family unit is a member of a larger pride which usually consists of three or more families. This pride will have one dominant family led by the alpha male paternal figure. He will oversee pride decisions such as territorial hunting grounds, farming, judicial concerns and other matters that affect the pride. He will usually consult with the immediate members of his own family but the ultimate and final decisions are his alone. In larger prides, the alpha male will have lesser alpha males oversee various sub-prides; a kind of barony to represent the families that the primary alpha male cannot manage alone.

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